What is the right home battery for me?

There are two main types of batteries being installed on homes. One type is Lithium Ion like Tesla and LG Chem. This is a good solution for cheap entry into battery back up, and will allow for a couple lights, a refrigerator, and a plug or two to run.
Then there are the new Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries. These can last up to 40 plus years, lose little battery memory, and are not a fire hazard. They also can run your entire home.

We install this second type of battery. There are a few notable companies that integrate this technology; Sonnen, NeoVolta, Franklin WH, Enphase and Savant (previously PomCube) a whole home automation and integration company. We install all of these and stand behind their performance.

When you want to run up to 15 circuits on your home, The NeoVolta is a great choice.
If running most circuits on your home including your air conditioning is a must, the Sonnen is a good fit.
When you want to run just about anything on your home and not worry too much about load management, the Franklin WH, Enphase, and PomCube are the way to go.

All are great, and we help you decide which one fits your lifestyle, allowing you to have a virtual off-grid solution so you can cut your dependence on the utility and their antiquated electrical grid.

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